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A clean-up turned redesign

Redesign, rewrite, and rebuild for better performance and messaging

Website redesign

Finecraft approached us with a request to streamline their new site, for usability, look-and-feel, and faster loading times. Throughout the site, there were many formatting/layout bugs, and pages were loading for longer than 40-45 seconds… Houston, we have a problem.

Additionally, was an online division of Finecraft and as such was focused mostly on loose diamonds, missing the Finacreat’s personalized, family-alike atmosphere and service at its physical store.

The same, just completely different

We realized that the hosting service used for was very slow and suggested to change it, as well as to purchase a domain name that would reflect the Finecraft brand. We ended up with a new domain,, and a new, faster hosting, reducing page loading times by 80%.

Additionally, since Finecraft was using WordPress for their site, we implemented a modern, clean, mobile- and search engine-friendly theme, with a visual editor that allowed the owners to make edits to the website themselves. We opted for rebuilding the site from scratch, only importing (and optimizing) the images and products, which immediately contributed to site speed.

New loose diamond widget

We also worked to create a more user-friendly loose diamond widget, to enable and speed up the process of diamond selection and purchase. This also helped visually distinguish between the loose diamonds and handmade jewelry.

Repositioned, more appealing

We also worked with Finecraft to reposition its messaging to include the personalized, family-alike treatment and service that the physical store at the London’s Diamond District was offering. We’ve achieved this with the new copy, the use of photography and new/additional colors to reflect the “new” brand.

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