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From mom & pop shop to a new brand


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“Make me look big”

Going from poor, outdated website to an integrated online presence with consistent branding

Website Redesign

The owner of Blue Marlin Aquarium Design approached us initially to redesign his site, give it a facelift.

New Focus

As a first step, we built a more streamlined website, with more coherent look and feel. Additionally, we edited the copy to change the focus of the website from features to benefits.

A new brand

Next, we suggested further redesign and modernization of the site, making it device-friendly, since many of Blue Marlin’s visitors used tablets and smartphones.

First, we created a logo for Blue Marlin, as well as several social profiles with consistent branding across all online properties.

New modern website

Finally, we supplied a modern, clean, mobile- and search engine-friendly website, with streamlined branding, colors, and appearance. We’ve also added a content management system (CMS) with a visual editor in case the owner wanted to make changes to the website on their own.

Additionally, we refined the copy of the website to be more action-oriented and added a “story” to it, positioning Blue Marlin as a provider of “animated tranquility” for offices and private residences, drawing from the fact that having an aquarium decreases dullness of the ambient, while providing tranquility to those in it. Improving feng shui, if you will…

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