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Sample work


QA, UX, Documentation, Video is a platform for automating and streamlining contract drafting, approval, and signing. Currently working on QA testing, UX/usability improvements, as well as  promo and instructional videos and Help documentation.


Art Direction, Product, Web Mgmt

Verisk Analytics is a multi-$B global provider of insurance data and 
software. Besides branding/art direction, product launches, and websites, worked on UI/UX, usability testing, etc. with the IT dept.


Branding, Copywriting, Print

Cap el Limon is an ultra-luxury resort in Samana, Dominican Republic, funded by the top Austrian developer. Logo/branding design, web & graphic design, copywriting, collaterals, advertising design, photo & video shoots, billboards, etc.


Design, E-commerce, Print, Mktg

Truffolie and Skinny Chocolate, new luxury and performance chocolate brands, aimed at health-conscious chocolate consumers. Performing complete branding, packaging, graphic & web design, marketing & advertising, implementations & analytics, as a partial owner/co-founder.


Design, Copy, Integrations

GoKite Cabarete and La Mesa Taina one of the top schools and a restaurants in the kiteboarding center of the world — Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Web & graphic design, implementation of various weather-related services, copywriting, design, collaterals, social media & email-marketing.


Branding, Print, E-commerce, Booking, Automation

Captain Bailee, probably the most successful restaurant on the North Coast of DR, recently built a boutique hotel, Sosua Inn, for which I’ve done everything from the logo/branding/stationery, to websites, booking engines and property management systems. As well as copy/UX writing, canned answers, and a chat bot.


Camera Assist, Video Scripts

Lifesyle Holidays Vacation Club is one of the single largest tax payer on the North Coast of Dominican Republic, backed by the largest RE developer in Austria. Camera assistant, photo and video editing, video script writing.


Video Scripts, Storyboards

Weytec Technologies, one of the world’s leading providers of specialized IT solutions (KVM) for clients such as Banks, Exchanges, Cities, Airports etc. Brainstorming, storyboards, scripts for their product videos.


Camera Assist, Design/Brandig, Packaging, Web Design, E-commerce, Booking Engines

Villa Vista 7 and Villas del Lago Resort are prestige vacation spots near Santiago, DR, located on the largest artificial lakes in the Caribbean. Camera assist, photo/video editing, copywriting for several pages (,,,,, analog, web design, print (stationery, wall posters, promos), social networks graphics/promos.


Camera Assist, Photo & Video Editing, Print

Hispaniola Real Estate (and 3 associated sites) is one of the largest RE developers on the North Coast of DR across 3 different locations with thousands of properties. Camera assist and photo/video processing, as well as several brochures/hand-outs.


Logo / Branding, Print

Countless small and not-so-small businesses with various needs — a result of few years of consulting on the North Coast of DR.


Sketching, Prototyping, MVP

After leaving the “big co,” (Verisk Analytics, with hundreds of products and services), opportunities for app design were scarce, but a few slipped through the cracks… a nutritionist network and services app, connecting nutritionists with their potential clients/buyers. An independent medical examiner automated report-generating app (MVP), done as a web app/website. A toursim-related service, that provides property management and call center capability to small owners, as well as provides a network of trusted service providers and suppliers.

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