We have prepared a guide to help you get started.

You can skip to any step by clicking the == icon above.

You can return to this guide at any time by the clicking  == located within the header bar.


ContractHub is organized based on legal entity.

Your individual account (“My Account”) serves as both your entry point into the platform and the place you sign personal agreements.

In order to draft agreements, you need to create a company account after signing up.

Company Accounts

To create a company account, click on the == icon inside the top header bar to return to the Account Selection page and click “Add New Company Account.”

Once you add the company account, you will see the menu items: Progress, Documents, Templates, Contacts, and Settings.

Before creating a contract, you need to add signatories, contacts and templates.

Click on Progress menu item at any time to check and complete your account settings, with the help of this guide.

Adding a Contact

Before sending an agreement, you need to add contacts.

The Platform only requires the person’s name and email. For a company contact, you need to add the authorized signer and email.

The contact can correct information when they receive an agreement.

Inviting Members


Members are people authorized to complete company actions (such as signing and drafting).

To invite a member: click their name from the Contacts list, click “Invite as Member,” and add permissions.

Authorized Signers

Authorized signers and Administrators can sign on behalf of the company.


To add an authorized signer, click the dots to the right of roles on the Members screen (inside Settings), then click edit.

If you are the account creator, you are the Administrator by default and only need to add your title.

Company Information

Add any missing or incomplete company information if you want to use the ContractHub form library, or to use this metadata to map and pre-populate agreements. Things like Notice Address or Venue can be entered here, or manually drafted into agreements depending on your preferences.

Uploading an Agreement

ContractHub allows you to sign both Templates and Contracts. To upload an agreement, click “Upload” at the upper-right and select the file to upload.

Templates need to be mapped, Contracts do not (for contracts that need only signatures). For example, if you have an agreement that is already filled out, just upload it and send it for signature.

Drafting a Document

Click “Draft” at the upper-right to choose the documentsrecipientsapprovers and signers.

After you complete the process, click “Send” and the document will advance to the next step of the process.

Sending a document does not sign it on behalf of your company. You, as the Sender, will have the option to sign after your recipient signs.

Executing, Managing and Storing Documents

Once you click “Send,” the Platform sends the document and manages its execution.

ContractHub allows the recipient to correct errors in their name and address to streamline the execution process.

Once the Recipient signs, you will receive a notification, and the option to sign or revoke.

Signing the agreement binds the parties and creates a permanent copy in each of your Documents folders.

The Documents folder offers various ways to search, sort, filter and manage documents.

Signature Blocks

ContractHub lets you create custom signature blocks for your company, depending on your needs and nature of the agreement.

You can create custom signature blocks in Signatures section of the company Settings.

ContractHub Predefined Templates

The Platform also lets you choose one of our predefined templates during the drafting process.

During the interview, you will be asked to fill in any missing data.